Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

im goooooing hoooome.


*I'm from Manila, but my home province is Bulacan.*

So? I'll be back. I don't know when. I'll TRY to check sometimes. oyeah, I'll miss you blogmates :D *hugs*

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


after all the school's stuff, yesterday’s outing was a real treat. It started around 7 in the morning. :)) went to agatha resort. guiguinto, bulacan. The air was so beautiful and fresh hmmmmm! i missed bulacan! wooohoo.

here are some pictures.

check my FACEBOOK acct. to see all the pictures :)

even though we're only four. (humabol si shai)- so to be exact. we're five, we had a wonderful summer outing.

looking forward to upcoming outing(s)! HAHA :)

thanks again paola, gazelle, cherry and shaira for a FAB DAY out!

Friday, March 19, 2010

wohoo! summer vacation :D

*short update.

school is finally OUT. YEEEEEEEEEY! :D

So who else is excited for summer? I AM FOR SURE!

and on tuesday, we will have outing. wee. How exciting!

Oh, and I REALLY want to read 'have a little faith' by mitch albom.
at last, i have time to read BOOKS!!! hahaha :D

ooookay. goodnight blogmates :)

he's the ONE :D

he's the ONE.
he's the LOVE.
joke. crush lang naman. hehe :D

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

♥ how my crush saves my day :D

i saw my crush today. he stared and smiled right at me. I glanced at him and then continue to walk FAST because I'm shy. ...(whew!) We didn't say "hello," though. :(

but it REALLY changed my mood. haha. nalungkot lang ako sa result in my major subject. :( yun lang kasi yung quiz for the finals. so walang panghatak. (babaw ba? eeeh. ) i become more and more and more.. conscious about my grade. so GC!! tsk. but of course it has purpose, i want to ba scholar next sem to help my family :) and it's nice to see your transcript with high grades, riggggghht? yun lang yun. isn't bad?

i'll just make kwento about my crush. :D

i saw him TWICE!

At first I didn’t mind him. because im too shy and its awkward cause we're not that close.

and.. for the second time around.. i looked at him haha :D ooooh. he was the first to smile.

(im the official photographer of our newspaper. and i've been given the task to take all the CAMPUS CRUSH) ..kaya ko sya nakilala hehe :D

part of the interview:

ME: hmm. likes in a person naman.
CRUSH: simple.
MY FRIENDS: (murmuring) si ava yun ah.
ME: (to my crush) ano pa?
CRUSH: uhm. matangkad.
MY FRIENDS: si ava ulit yun ah.
CRUSH: ano pa ba? hmm maganda. hehe syempre dapat kasama yun.
ME: psst. ingay nio. naririnig kaya.

i never thought it would happen.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

90s music ♪

i just so miss the music of the 90s :)) hahaha.

ALL STAR tribute :D


ALL STAR tribute :D


The Moffatts
Christina Aguilera
Backstreet Boys
Mary J. Blige
Jennifer Lopez
Britney Spears
Savage Garden
Alicia Keys
Ja Rule
Destiny's Child
Gwen Stefani
Nelly Furtado
98 Degrees
Jessica Simpson
Mariah Carey
Aaron Nick Carter
shania twain

..and moreeee.

..and just miss the good old days.