Saturday, November 14, 2009

full of emotion and intensity now

There are people who deserve you and people who don’t. If you have someone in your life who takes you for granted or doesn’t give you the respect that you deserve, leave them in the past where they belong. Surround yourself with people who challenge your mind and bring out the best in you. As for the ones who only exist to bring you down or cheapen your potential; let them find people who are better-suited to their own qualities and principles. Hold yourself to the highest standard possible. People who don’t measure up don’t deserve your time. People who can’t see past their own cowardice or their own arrogance don’t deserve your time. Anyone who doesn’t treat you the way you treat yourself doesn’t deserve your time. And if you are treating yourself in a way that gives people permission to take advantage of you, start showing yourself the exact same respect that you should be demanding of everyone else.

wala lang..

there are, still, so many things that i wanted to say but everytime i try to, words just can't tell them enough...

i don't really know if i'm truly happy or i'm just truly bored of everything. i'm thankful that I've got LESS problems now. thank you Lord :DD

full of emotion and intensity now.
err. but im not emo.

SIRIUS star :D

it would be really really nice to sit outside and stare at one of my favorite things in the world - stars. it would really be perfect. clear night sky, not a fluff of clouds, just the stars. a lot of them. i rarely see that these days. it would really really be perfect. it's something i never get to do anymore, except when im in bulacan - perfect.

**why sirius? um. its my favorite star. 'cause its the BRIGHTEST star in the universe. LOLLLL. :DD

how i hate THEM

everything seemed so perfect then with just a blink of an eye, you lose or something like that, that is really important to you. i don't understand its logic, and why it happens every time you feel good or even just wanted to feel good... :(

and it happens... every time... i wanted to be happy.... every time... i feel like i'm happy... every time... I AM happy. without a notice, everything would just go disappearing in thin air... it feels so UNFAIR that you know you can't be happy without the consequences later on...

HOW I HATE THEM. esp. ______ to the BOOOOONNNNES!
(no need to expose it here)