Thursday, December 17, 2009

christmas presents.


i went to school today just for the exchange gifts :)its like our christmas party hehe. our prelim examination was moved to first week of january.

picture here. there. everywhere. HAHAHA :D
nothing could ever be more rewarding than to see your friends.. COMPLETE. minsan na lang kasi talaga kami makumpleto.

*napaiyak nila ko* wee. im just so touched that they liked the letter and the pictures i gave. ako na ba iyakin? cge na. haha.

a BIG thank you for the gifts. i absolutely LIKE it :D
presents + pictures + hot chocolate = a great day.


im sooooo lazy to make kwento about the sportsfest. hehe. sabi ko pa naman ikkwento ko after. BUT im just too lazy to post. hehe. i'll update my blog tomorrow.

**ciao ciao.