Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How are you spending your sembreak?

Hey everyone! How's your sembreak so far?
Our classes ended last friday and that's a HOORAY for me!

I just wanna SLEEP and HAVE FUN!.. but we have a research to do.
But before we start doing a research, we decided to have a one week break.
So last night I stayed over at Gazelle's House and had spent the entire night taking pictures.

Next week, My thesis mates and i will work hard for our research.
Hoping to still have fun with the remaining weeks of my sembreak.


Paola ♥ said...

Inggit akoooo! hahahaha. :))

Marinella said...

I envy you. We don't have sembreak.
Or if you too consider
the weekends and
a holiday a break for us.
I hate my school!

paige said...

It seems fun. . wow! fruitful sem break. Love it=)