Tuesday, December 29, 2009

HAPPY new year to all :D

2009 is nearly over.

reflecting back on my year previously, i would say this year has been one that i will always remember. if anyone of you knew me well, you will definitely know that this year has been so much different.

well, the new year is coming. time to put the old behind and move on with the new. 2010 is going to be a really exciting year, and i really hope to get many experiences from this coming year.

i will not elaborate much. but there are a few people i would like to thank for making my 2009 so memorable. I wont say who, but i just want to thank all these few minorities who have changed my life so much in this one short year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! :D may all your wishes and new year resolutions come true!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


sunday 20th december

december 20 is the 354th day of the year (355th in leap years) in the gregorian calendar. there are 11 days remaining until the end of the year. :D

3 fantastic guys born on this day.

1. anoop desai. one of my favorite contestant on the eight season of american idol.

2. bryan carpio. my super duper crush in our school.

and of course.. to those who knew me well. you know who am i talking about..

3. MY COOKIE. my idol. david cook.

oooookay. let's reminisce.

my bday is on may 3. and my bday wish is to see david cook in person BUT unfortunately im not able to go to their concert. so sad. too broke to go. :( kaya susundn ko na lng sya sa mga mall tours nya.

david archuleta makes a live guest appearance in GMA-7's morning talk show SIS and my mom said, we can watch archuleta bacause she has contact inside. since, i also like archie before cook, *im so happy* YEY! may 14, 2009, thursday morning. we arrived there quite early. it was very obvious that we were so excited. HAHAHA :D after in SIS. we headed to skydome to *MEET and GREET david cook* first come. first served basis. the 'meet and greet' will start promptly at 4pm, we arrived there at around 12pm. super aga db? but the place was VERY full by 2pm.

some are dissappointed kasi sandaling sandali lang sya nagpakita. parang di worth it..

BUT FOR ME.. I feel blessed for the chance to see David Cook in the flesh. hehe. I can't concentrate on taking photos of him, I just stared at him for a looong time. I just can't describe the feeling while watching him.

next time David holds a concert here, i'm definitely going to buy front row seats. hehe. :D

wooo!!! woo!! yeeeey!!! *whistles* *claps*
i sooooooo miss him.
COME BACK TO ME. hehe. come back to the phillippines, david.

Friday, December 18, 2009

papa-paparazzi :D

Im your biggest fan

I’ll follow you until you love me


Baby there’s no other superstar

You know that i’ll be your


Promise i’ll be kind,

But i won’t stop until that boy is mine

Baby you’ll be famous

Chase you down until you love me


crushiness. :D hehe.


eto lang naman yung ikkwento ko sa sportsfest e HAHAHA :DDDDD
click nio na lang para mas malinaw :DDDDDDD

*kilig to the BONES*

Thursday, December 17, 2009

christmas presents.


i went to school today just for the exchange gifts :)its like our christmas party hehe. our prelim examination was moved to first week of january.

picture here. there. everywhere. HAHAHA :D
nothing could ever be more rewarding than to see your friends.. COMPLETE. minsan na lang kasi talaga kami makumpleto.

*napaiyak nila ko* wee. im just so touched that they liked the letter and the pictures i gave. ako na ba iyakin? cge na. haha.

a BIG thank you for the gifts. i absolutely LIKE it :D
presents + pictures + hot chocolate = a great day.


im sooooo lazy to make kwento about the sportsfest. hehe. sabi ko pa naman ikkwento ko after. BUT im just too lazy to post. hehe. i'll update my blog tomorrow.

**ciao ciao.

Friday, December 4, 2009

ten things about me.

ten things about me
1. are you single?

2. are you happy about that?
hmmm. why not?

3. are you bored?
no, i'm trying to get this over and done with ^^

4. are you sad?
no :))

5. are you Italian?

6. are you plastic?
sometimes. hehe.

7. are you cool?
i don't know. it's really how other people define you right? who goes around saying i'm cool?

8. are you filipino?

9. what are you?
18 year old who loves stars? LMAO. hahahaha.

number 10..?

ten facts
1. Initials:
uh ADGE?

2. nicknames:
ava (by *friends*),
ge (by mommy, ate ivy),
abage (relatives)
kire (paola and jam)
and I can't remember the rest.

3. Birth Place:
malolos, bulacan.

4. Hair colour:

5. Age:

6. Eye colour:

7. Birthday:
may 03.

8. Mood:
excited :D

9. Favourite Colours:
Black, blue, white, purple LOL.

10. Left or right handed?

ten this or that
1. Love or money?
Both. But to choose I'll pick love. :)

2. Hard liquor or beer?
uhm. idk.

3. Cats or dogs?
dogs. arf!

4. A few best friends or many regular friends?
Again I'll take both, but if i have to choose i'll pick few best friends.

5. Television or internet?
umm. Internet?

6. Pepsi or coke?

7. Wild night out or a romantic night?
Depends. :DD

8. Money or happiness?

9. Night or day?

10. IM or phone?

ten differences in a relationship
1. Smile or eyes?
eyes. :)

2. Light or dark hair?
dark, I guess?

3. Hugs or kisses?

ten last
1. Last phone call you made?

2. Last phone call you received?
from kuya pj

3. Last person/people you hung out with?
paola. jam. and cherry at eastwood.

4. Last person to text you?
ate nina.

5. Last person you tickled?
can't remember. :(

6. Last person you viewed profile?

7. Last person you hugged?
???? hehe. jam or cherry?

8. Last person you slept(sleep) with?

9. Last person/people you laughed with?

10. Last dream you can remember?
about cherry? haha.

that took me a while. oh well.

Manila Central University on the GO :D

we are celebrating our 105th foundation anniversary! YAY! sportsfest. sportsfest. how i love sportsfest. hehe :D the opening of sportsfest was fun. *claps* for DULCEN-DULAANG CENTRALIANA for the dance opening :) i like their 'new' moves. haha.

after the opening, we went to hortaleza for the hair treatment of jam, lunch in our house and then go back to school to watch the bsketball game -- of course our super crush "B.C.R.C." 3rdyr medtech student. hehe. i'll post stolen pictures of him SOON. keep the excitement! haha. nung pabalik na kami ng school para manuod, the traffic was so heavy we couldn't move. argh!

i'll just tell ALL about it when sportsfest end.

I’m out. Dinner’s waiting. ^^

FUN @ eastwood.

we decided to have lunch at eastwood. AND TRY SOMETHING NEW. but.. *nevermind* HAHAHA :D anyway.. it was uber fun. nothing beats spending hours with your friends. - thank you girlfriends. hehe.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

bassband aka MEAN girls.

i'll post some of the pictures tomorrow :p

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

when God writes your love story. ♥

How many times had I longed and searched for true love? How many nights had I laid awake dreaming of a beautiful romance that would sweep me off my feet – a lasting relationship that wouldn’t end up in heartache? When is the right time? Who is that right person? Where is he now? Do the answers to my questions really exist?

God didn’t give that person in my life instantly now. But I know and believe that he would give it in the future. All in his perfect time. All I have to do is to willingly remain pure and faithful, focused on honoring him before we met because I know that he’s worth waiting for.

Do not pray for easy lives!
Pray to be stronger men.
Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers.
Pray for powers equal to your tasks.
Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle,
But you shall be a miracle.

All the questions that have been grumbling in my mind had been thrown away. I am now more focused in my personal intimate relationship with God. My love for the Lord overflows and that the only question I genuinely ask is “How can I please you, Lord?” He will show it in a gentle, subtle and daily basis. I know that he has a unique and special plan for my life. I have given him the pen in writing my love story. A true turning point of my life. A decision that I won’t regret for the rest of my life.