Friday, November 27, 2009

BFF :D B-est F-riends every F-riday.

i woke up early this morning around 6am (even though my class will start at 1pm) just because of ma'am galang, for the completion to her subject, BIO CHEM. i have to take THAT "final exam" super early. (take note: i took bio-chem last last sem. goodluck naman kung maalala ko pa un)

so i texted shaira to tell her im going to school early. sakto! wala din silang prof. kaya sinamahan nya ko magpabalik balik sa registrar, dean's office and cas faculty. then, i remember that we must have already book in computer, but i only have money to pay the fee for the completion. LUCKY-me!!because mam galang said. "before you pay the fee, there must be the approval of the dean". but "the dean is out" HAHAHA. so i have the money to buy the book and the exam is moved next friday!

(YEEEEY! i have time to review this formula...)

kulang pa yan. haaaaaay. :(( may metabolism and lipids pa.

since shai dont have class and im not able to take the exam we both have a looooong vacant time. we stayed in room 204B and did a lot of talking. shared some stories and some secrets. haha super bonding :)and we call ourselves BEST FRIENDS every FRIDAY! (friday lang kasi yung time na kaming dalawa lang) haha. after that we decided to buy the comp book :D and have lunch beside the old gym. after eating we headed to grand & victory mall (haha) just to spend time and then back to school. we have classmate in comp lab, i dont know if he's cute or what. haha im soo artee I KNOW! arggh! SAYING BECOMES BELIEVING! :D we went to the mcdo before deciding to part ways and go home. :)