Friday, February 19, 2010

can you take over me?

NO CLASSES until monday :)

Thank God its Friday :D
wee. its going to be a long weekend for me.

i just want to share this video. *thanks to rhophil for sharing this video to me :DD*
(if you want to watch this vid. pause the mixpod at the lower left para hndi sabay magplay. hehe)

hay. im facing this problem all over again.
I don't want to go into the details of my problems, Please pray that God will have mercy on me and that I will find my peace - SOON. please. please? :| THANK YOU guys. Godbless! :D

I have a hard time sleeping lately too. I think with me it’s mostly worries that keep me up. I have no time to think during the day, too busy, and so I wake up and can’t back to sleep thinking about everything.

I think drinking too much coffee during the day also does it.

God, please answer my prayer.