Sunday, November 15, 2009

iCARLYdays. :D

Summer love isn't meant to be
And it's only a fantasy
That's what everyone's tellin' me
Stay my baby
Even though it's a little rushed
Let me know that you'll keep in touch
If you don't it'll hurt too much
Stay my baby

Now that I've gone back to school
All I do is think of you
Sittin' up here in my room
Goin' crazy
But then you call
Gets me through it all
Every time you say
"Stay my baby."
Everything'll be okay!
Everything'll be alright!
I know that it'll go my way
If you stay my baby
I'm never gonne give you up!
I'm never gonna have enough!
So now 'till forever
Stay my baby!

i missed the new episodes of iCarly.LOL. OKK. *acting like a kid again*
i just like it. but sometimes it seems like they are trying to hard to be funny.
haha. :D

3 things

3 things: what's right, what's really right and what's really really right.

that's what he says.

we started talking and he was saying, tama na muna. but i don’t want it to be. he said, he doesnt want me to get hurt pero..bkit ganun..
mejo magulo ba tong blog na to? basta. i hope everything goes well.

i'll miss you. I LOVE YOU.
i'll be FINE. promise. i WILL.