Thursday, November 19, 2009



the moves..

traffic in edsa.

we don’t have class kaninang 10:30-5:30 :D because CAS faculty members will have their seminars at PLM.

earlier this afternoon, my friends and i were planning to watch the 2012 movie kaya lang maraming hindi pwede, so we (jam, paola and i) just decided to go to Trinoma and just have fun.

after we finish eating. we decided to walk again around the mall so that we will be able to burn what we had. sakto! spongebob live @ trinoma. since, its pao’s favorite. we watch it. (pero ako pa yata ung enjoy na enjoy) hahaha. eh? fun e.

the spongebob live. (stories from bikini bottom)

it was almost time to go home.
we rode a bus. (as usual) and the traffic is so bad. it's like parking lots. . we're wondering why... we found out that there's an accident.

a disturbing accident . along balintawak edsa. i usually won’t feel a thing when i saw news on accidents in the newspaper as it’s there almost daily. but this accident made me feel so bad. we saw dead body lying on the road. and the blood. whew!

it can only take 30minutes headed back home but we spent almost 2 and a half hours there.. conversing. as in. super kwentuhan na lang sa bus.

word of the day: DISTURBING. tss. :-/