Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i do feel PRESSURE.

i feel the pressure during our professor in english share his personal story about seeking a job.

he graduated in FEU, magna cum laude. he started as an assistant teacher. checking papers, blah blah blah. to make a long story short. he had a difficult time to find a better job though he graduated with honor. that time nagkakagulo ang pilipinas. there's an economic crisis. kahit mga graduate ng ateneo, de la salle, at up nahihirapan humanap ng trabaho. and of course sila yung unang matatanggap. he felt so discriminated. then, he realized one thing "the reality".

so, he decided to take his master's degree at Ateneo de Manila University. take some units in education and passed the board exam. *one take only. :D

my prof is a gay, kaya nakakatuwa yung way ng pagsasalita niya. :D sabi pa nya "ano sila ngayon, talbog ang beauty nila" HAHAHA :D

he tried to apply again in a good company. *tennen* "ganun lang pala kadali makapasok, at kapag alam mong iba ka sa kanila"

"para kang dyamanteng tinapon sa mga basura, KITANG KITA KA". :D -mr. ronald go.

I'm just worried about getting the right job for me. One thing that i do and im sure others will lack to is experience. I'm sure we (my classmates) all feel the pressure, having a concrete future after all those years of studying.

try to look at failures, at criticm as challenges serves as a motivation.
it's like joining a pageant,
and that will make you SHINE :D -MR. Ronald Go.