Tuesday, March 16, 2010

♥ how my crush saves my day :D

i saw my crush today. he stared and smiled right at me. I glanced at him and then continue to walk FAST because I'm shy. ...(whew!) We didn't say "hello," though. :(

but it REALLY changed my mood. haha. nalungkot lang ako sa result in my major subject. :( yun lang kasi yung quiz for the finals. so walang panghatak. (babaw ba? eeeh. ) i become more and more and more.. conscious about my grade. so GC!! tsk. but of course it has purpose, i want to ba scholar next sem to help my family :) and it's nice to see your transcript with high grades, riggggghht? yun lang yun. isn't bad?

i'll just make kwento about my crush. :D

i saw him TWICE!

At first I didn’t mind him. because im too shy and its awkward cause we're not that close.

and.. for the second time around.. i looked at him haha :D ooooh. he was the first to smile.

(im the official photographer of our newspaper. and i've been given the task to take all the CAMPUS CRUSH) ..kaya ko sya nakilala hehe :D

part of the interview:

ME: hmm. likes in a person naman.
CRUSH: simple.
MY FRIENDS: (murmuring) si ava yun ah.
ME: (to my crush) ano pa?
CRUSH: uhm. matangkad.
MY FRIENDS: si ava ulit yun ah.
CRUSH: ano pa ba? hmm maganda. hehe syempre dapat kasama yun.
ME: psst. ingay nio. naririnig kaya.

i never thought it would happen.